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Pangs of pain from temporary fillings.



Feb 20, 2011
I am starting to get a bit worried.
I had two temporary fillings done at the dentists 2 weeks ago and now they have started to feel a bit sore and have been getting flashes of slight pain through them both. Surely they can't be infected if all the decay has been drilled out? I am really worried. I can't go through that toothache again that I had a few weeks ago.:cry:
Were these teeth that need root canal treatment? (or do you know - it sounded from your journal as if you haven't actually been told anything about your treatment plan unless I misunderstood)?
They are from both. One is the possible root canal (I don't know if he is still going ahead with it or not). I have had a slight cold and sore throat and the pangs haven't returned today. I can't imagine that would have caused it though as it hasn't been a bad cold at all.:(