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Panic attacks and suffer from retching



Junior member
Nov 18, 2017
I am agoraphobic and have panic attacks. I suffer from retching when am nervous and vomiting when it is extreme. An old filling on a slightly chipped tooth (lower molar) part of it as come out. I am not in pain and have requested a home dental visit (I am in the UK). I am scared that I won't be able to cope with the procedure although it must be done. has anyone had a similar experience, if so advice on how to cope or how you dealt with it would be great.




Well-known member
Jan 24, 2012
England, UK
I too have panic attacks, but not agoraphobia and not actual vomiting. So, I'm not anywhere near as severe as you. I think a key to being able to do this is in honesty....if you actually tell the person doing the home visit the whole detailed truth then you can work together to deal with the issue , bit by bit. You can break up the whole thing into shorter stages. Panic attacks are panic attacks, they are dreadful but they won't cause your demise....I've had them in the chair myself. Twice I have asked to sit up and stand up and said I'm having a panic attack, and I was allowed to do so straight away and resume after a short break. I felt therefore that I had some control over the situation, as my worst fear is not being able to get away if I want to. You could discuss this in advance before you even open your mouth, and have a signal for 'I need to get up now'. A big part of my fear is that I will have a panic attack in the chair, or whilst being treated. If you can accept in advance that this indeed might happen, but you can deal with it in certain ways using coping strategies this will help.