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Jun 16, 2014
Good Morning,

After 20+ years of not going to the dentist due to a childhood trauma when I was 18 I have a mouthful of problems. Crooked teeth severe cavities and decay in back teeth, wisdom teeth that should have been out years ago and a tooth now decayed below the gum line in the back.

Through years of anxiety and embarrassment I finally wanted to at least reach out to some dentists and my goal was to do SOMETHING everyday to further my chances of getting to the dentist. It was the first time in 20 years that I did SOMETHING to further the situation and although I had a lot of anxiety I finally made a move.

I sent out emails to over 10 dentist office in the area explaining my mouth situation and my dental phobia. I asked them how they handled those situations and what to expect if I could gain the courage to make the appointment. I told them that I had plenty of money to pay for any work. Guess what?


I'm absolutely devastated.
I know how you're feeling. I even went to see a dentist who specializes in fearful patients and he referred me to someone else which is the worst thing you can do, send me to someone else I don't know.

if it wasn't for the health risks I'd just leave my teeth and let them go :(

But, I have to keep on keeping on and keep interviewing dentists until I find the right one. you will too
Thanks Zombie;

I just feel broken down. So tired of the stress and panic. Don't know how I will get up the little strength I had a few days ago. I'm completely deflated.
just keep checking. Interview as many as you need. I klike to read their Yelp reviews and see if there are any from phobic people.

ALso there are some recommendations here on the forum too