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Panicked. Made it through the consult - now it’s real



Junior member
Sep 13, 2018
After avoiding the dentist for 17 years and not having great hygiene habits I felt a space behind one of my front bottom teeth. I feared it was a whole and my teeth would fall out. The bottom of my front teeth are darker and it really caused me panic and nightmares. After finding this forum (thanks all!) I started doing research on dentists who deal well with fearful patients.

I found one that even had a text option to schedule appointments as even calling gave me panic attacks. They said they couldn’t do any sort of medication on the first consult, but agreed not to do any real work until I was comfortable. I had my SO drive me so I couldn’t chicken out and overall went well. My teeth aren’t terrible, but my gums are. They suggested a deep cleaning and IV sedation. They also talked about doing Invisalign or veneers after to improve the looks at a later date.

I hate dental pain and I’m terrified. How bad is a deep cleaning? How well does IV sedation work? Is considering Invisalign crazy? I hate the massive gaps in my teeth but I’m not sure I can handle more dental visits.
Deep cleanings sound scary but they really aren't. I just went for mine after MANY years of not seeing the dentist this past Tuesday and the completely numbed the whole right side of my mouth. It went by pretty quick and was painless for the most part. I go back next Tuesday for part 2.
They didn’t mention multiple parts....maybe they’ll do all at once since I’ll be sedated?
They didn’t mention multiple parts....maybe they’ll do all at once since I’ll be sedated?

They definitely might! My build up was unfortunately pretty bad so its probably why mine was split

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