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Panicking about upcoming dentist appointment



Junior member
Oct 22, 2012
Hi, I'm new to this forum.

So im 31 and its been a decade since I have been to the dentist. It started off with no insurance in college, and truthfully I didn't take the best care of my teeth during that time period. When I got a job after college I got insurance but I was embarrassed by my bottom teeth so I just stayed away from the dentist.

Well its been 6 years since then and my teeth havent obviously gotten better. My teeth have a yellow tint to them, I have calculus buildup on my front bottom teeth, I know I have some gingivitis problems, I still have all of my wisdom teeth and one of them has a hole in it. I need a new filling in one of my molars and I have chipped enamel on one of my bottom teeth.

No one knows about this problem, besides a slight yellow tint my top teeth look ok, even my recent ex gf of the last 5 years didn't know (though she did tell me after eating I had bad breath so I always brushed after meals when I was with her..)

I just forced myself to call a dentist and am waiting on them to call back to schedule an appointment, and I'm freaking out. What should I expect? I feel like I am going to be lectured about how I should have been coming for the last decade, should of flossed, should of came in when the enamel and the wisdom tooth chipped etc...

Will they be able to work out a treatment plan? My insurance only covers 1500 a year in dental work, but its towards the year if possible I would like to split the work between now and january to cover the costs...

I am just tired of this being something I am embarrassed about and ashamed of.
Hiya and :welcome:

I know exactly how you are feeling, i have my first appointment tomorrow.. It has been almost 17 years since i have been to see a dentist and to say i am petrified is an understatement!

I dont really have anything to say about what you have ahead of you but i just want to say well done for making that phone call! There are some great people on here that give great support and i am sure there will be some of them on soon to give you a few wise words..

I hope you get the reply you are looking for, good luck with that upcoming appointment, we are all here if you need us :)

Having just gone through the first part of my first root canal and having another appointment next week, I get exactly what you are going through.

A few thoughts -

Remember that you are the customer, not just a patient. If you are uncomfortable and the Dr. is unwilling to discuss the situation with you etc..., leave. There are plenty more and perhaps you can find someone that is more understanding of the anxiety you are feeling (and what I felt and will feel again).

Consider setting an appointment with the Dr. before your dental work will begin to discuss your concerns. Perhaps he.she will be willing to get you a prescription for Valium/Xanax etc... that might help take the edge off. Something that helped me tremendously was a tour of the office so that I would know what it looked like, where the restroom was, how to leave, etc...

Know that you are certainly not alone. Read through the success part of the forum and see how many other people have conquered, partially conquered and continiue to work on their progress. You will see that you are not alone and helping each other out has proven to be quite rewarding,

When i went to dentist after leavin about 15 years i was scared out of my mind am 27 by the way,i had to go as i had really bad toothache which turned out to be an infection.I knew my teeth were not great as i didnt brush as much as i should have..i think leading up to the appointment i must of brush 2 maybe 3 times a day to try make up for it.
Anyway the 1st dentist i saw basically said its your own fault your in pain for not comeing sooner,didnt fill me with hope,he gave me some antibiotics and said i had to go back for it taking out.The dentist that took it out was absolutly lovely,she knew i was scared and talked to me 1st about the work i needed doing.So far ive had 5 teeth out and 2fillings,still need to go back for 2 more teeth out and a couple more fillings.
I think after the 1st appointment is out of the way it starts to get slightly easier,i mean dont get me wrong i still get nervous when i walk through the doors but im sure even the bravest person has that slight fear deep down inside.

Hope i helped and didnt just go off on my own point.
Welcome to the forum,

You have done great so far: making the appointment at the dental office, becoming a member in this wonderful forum. Don't stop. It is not easy to deal with something so fearful, but we will do our best to help you with support and good advises.

What should you expect? Most likely you fill in a questionnaire about your general health, and then meet the dentist who will first ask you if you have any problems/complains regarding your mouth. I suggest you tell the dentist not only your dental complain but also the fact that you are very scared of the dentist and that you have not been to the dentsit for many years. I work as a dentist and I meet people with your kind of a story on a daily basis. Every dentist is aware of it because it is so common. I suggest you also ask the dentist to explain to you what he/she about to do, a short sentence, just to avoid surprises and to allow you to learn about the dental experience.

Most probebly the dentist will than look in your mouth and make some X-ray photos. The dentist might check specific teeth and see how they react to cold or gentle percaussion. After assembeling all the information about your detal situation, the dentist can offer you a treatment plan, tell you how many appointments are needed and how much it's gonna cost. You can discuss about the payments and spreading the appointments and payments over two years.

If you have any questions, don't hestiate to ask :):thumbsup::grin: