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Panicking Over Appointment Upcoming Today



Junior member
Jun 14, 2015
Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well!

I went back to the dentist last week after a roughly 5 year absence. Last week I had a cleaning, x-rays and got some good news only 2 small cavities not a big deal right? But I am so nervous to do this today, I don't know why, but I woke up panicking and didn't sleep well. Before this time there was another 5 year period where I didn't go to the dentist because of anxiety and when I went back then I had 11 cavities and somehow got through getting all of them filled so two small ones shouldn't be stressing me out, but I can't help it. I feel good about myself that I've been brushing a lot better to only have 2 this time. I am trying to remind myself of the fact I had 11 filled years ago and I am strong enough to do 2 today, but this phobia just haunts me and no doubt will haunt me forever.

I just needed to vent and not feel alone. Thank you for anyone that reads this ❤
How did it go?
I’m going on Friday for the first time in 2 years so I totally get you. I always think worst case scenario. Always tell myself that I can handle fillings. But it’s root canals, extractions that terrify me. And one person knows what will happen to me on Friday. But I won’t know until I get there. Can’t stand the not knowing.
I hope you got on well today. I bet you were aces! x
Hi there thanks for the response!

It went well yesterday, they were so small my dentist said to me I don't think you need to be numbed up unless you want to. I opted not to be numb because I don't like how long it takes to wear off ha (it's not that long but I don't like it) and got through it pain free. My appointment was at 3:40, got there at 3:30 and was out of there by 4:00, would have been done sooner but after the dentist spoke to me and I said I didn't want to be numb, she said give me a second while I numb another patient got to chatting with that patient for a few minutes before coming back and getting started on me.

I do have to get my top two wisdom teeth out and that's on the 22nd of this month, so I'll be a nervous wreck again in a few weeks, but reminding myself after that I'll have a healthy mouth again and I'll be done with dentists and dental work until July when I go back for routine cleaning.
You're going to do great too, please let me/us know how you make out Friday! You can do it!! Yeah the not knowing is worst and I hate waiting around to go to the appointment.
Great job. I too have had absences from going to the dentist. The first time it resulted in no cavities. The last time it resulted in 10! I got all the work done and it was fine. Suck a good feeling to have all the work done. It’s like a clean slate!
Thank you Monarch! It's so relieving once it's done isn't it? It makes me feel really good now that I have a pretty healthy mouth again. I go this Monday February 22nd to get my top two wisdom teeth pulled. They are both fully through the gum line I've known about them for awhile but had been absent from the dentist and kept putting it off. When I went back she's like yep those need to go now. So now I have to face that reality Monday. Starting to get nervous all over again but telling myself get this done Monday and no more dentists or dental work until July when I got back for my regular checkup :) Hope you're doing well!

Woodweather if you're still around how did your appointment end up going? Sorry I didn't check on you until now! Hope it went smoothly for you too :)