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Panicking - Soft Tissues in Extracted Tooth



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Hi. I’m really worried. I had a large molar removed. It was starting to abscess following a root canal. The dentist said, “There’s some soft tissue in the tooth and I’m not sure why that is”.

Now I fear something went wrong and I’m going to be permanently damaged. I read about neurological issues following dental procedures and I’m very worried.

Is it normal for some soft tissue to come out with the tooth?
Well the good news is I am not numb. I thought that would happen. I thought he ripped out the nerve.

I still have an ache, but it goes away with Advil.

He has left for vacation, so I can't call. I will call when he returns next week but I was hoping someone could answer this. I'm still really worried that a nerve or something was damaged and this pain won't go away.

Thank you. Sorry to be a pain.
Just an update. I'm still in pain. It got worse but now it seems a little better. I'm still not sure what's going on. I see the dentist in two days.

I doubt he'll say much though.

It's so frustrating. Why would they say that????
I think probably only your dentist is able to answer you why did he made that comment to you and what exactly did he mean by that.

As for the soft tissues, I'm pretty sure they are just bits of your gum. It is fairly common to have bits of gum and also the nerve (every tooth has its own) come out with an extracted tooth. The gums will heal just fine, it takes abit of time, it took me about 1.5 to the 2 weeks mark to feel like myself again after extracting 4 wisdom teeth and another 4 premolars for braces.

In the meantime, don't go and google it, a lot of the things that we read on the internet only ends up making us feel worse than calming our fears.

Research findings and paper presentations on serious complications following any procedure that are available online many times do not necessarily apply to us because other factors like patient history, general health, genetic makeup etc etc plays a part in how one person responds to treatment than the next.

Don't overthink it, you will be seeing the dentist in 2 days, so be sure to ask if you have any doubts. :flowers: