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Pannicking about leaving gap in tooth for short time



Junior member
May 14, 2018
I am 24 have recently had my upper right pre-molar removed and have been asked by my dentist what I was leaning towards for treatment. I have all of my other teeth but got an acrylic partial denture without giving it much thought just with one tooth on and was going to get an implant within the next year. Would just leaving the gap until the implant is placed have any long term adverse effects or would it be advisable to wear the denture?
Hi metroomy993,

it would be wise to wear the denture. Whenever there is a gap in the mouth, the teeth around the gap start to move gradually to 'close' it. For this reason it would be good to wear the denture as a place holder so that no such shifts happen.

All the best wishes, hope you can get your implant soon
Thanks I've just looked it up and realised ive got a flipper denture so would I be ok just wearing it for aesthetics but taking it out if I'm at home or eating?

HI, I have a partial denture on the bottom and anytime I am home and do not have company I take it out. anytime I am eating and sleeping at home I take it out and I have for well over 10 years been doing it this way. It is just way easy eating without it and it feels much more comfortable without .
Yeah, it'll be fine to just wear the denture when you need to be sociable. You could think about a Maryland bridge to replace the missing tooth, bit cheaper and easier than an implant and pretty good success rates.