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Panoramic full mouth xray 6 days after extraction site hole, safe?



Sep 30, 2023
So my situation, I had a tooth extraction from a general dentist a week ago, it is healing fine, just a hole left, but heal fine.

So today I went to an "oral surgery" place as I have 2 hard back molars need to be extract that required an oral surgery, this oral surgery office was adamant to do a Panoramic full mouth x-ray for the consultation, and I ok it.

Now I'm worry, would the Panoramic harm my already done extraction site hole (the tooth that I extract 6 days ago) in any way?

Thank you in advance.
No, the x-ray doesn't harm the extraction site hole in any way :)
Sir, would the Panoramic full panel x-ray go around my head damage my eyes? Like would the radiation go into my eyes? I read in Google it can, can give you cataracts couple months from now.
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@gumdisease I have a family member who is a radiation expert, they told me it was perfectly harmless to have large numbers of these x-rays and the amount of radiation is very small. Over the last two years I have had 4 of 5 of these panoramic x-rays and lots more other types of x-rays including cone beam, bite wing, and PA, as well as some medical non dental x-rays and there has been no effect on my eyes, I have 20 20 vision.
The panoramic x-ray the one where it spin around your head to get the whole jaw, that machine should know how to estimate height and just take pictures of the jaw only right? As I am short, like 5 feet tall. While other people are 6 feet tall. But then kids also take panoramic x-ray too, and I'm sure they my height.

Maybe I should worry too much about this panoramic machine. I hope that red laser lights not go in my eyes, as I read it can give cataract, and you will know in few months, if radiation damage your eyes.
The machine is adjusted for different heights. No estimation required!

No lasers are involved either. X-radiation doesn't cause cataracts.