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Paranoid about having a root canal failing



Junior member
Sep 10, 2019
United States
So last Thursday I recieved a temporary crown, and then started to hurt really bad a couple nights later. Jaw, sinus, face pain. So went back this last Monday and he referred me to an endodontist, couldn't take the pain anymore so I went yesterday and he said I need a root canal. So I went ahead and got it scheduled for today.

Tbe appointment was only 1 visit and 45 minutes, but is that normal? I've always read it's 90 minutes, 2 separate appointments. Now I'm worried it might fail and I'll have to get an extraction. Does the length of the appointment depend how infected your tooth is? Also, should I be safe from it failing since I got the canal treatment and I have my temp crown?
Length of time depends on how many root canals the tooth has, how easy it is to find them all, how easy it is to numb the tooth, etc etc. You can't put a hard and fast time on it. You can't guarantee that it won't fail, but if you have a well fitting temp crown in place that will much reduce the chances of failure.