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Part of my face is still numb after 8 hours?



Former Member
I had five fillings done today at 8:15 am, and 95% of the numbness wore off by about 1 pm. However it is 4 pm, there is a small part that is still numb. I don't know why this part won't go away, but I can't drink water without spilling it all over myself, and I'm smiling like a stroke victim... How long should I wait before calling my dentist? Their office has closed for the weekend, but they said there's some sort of emergency contact number that I my call will be directed to... Don't know if this counts as an emergency or if I should just wait it out a bit longer or if I should just call anyway..... I'm freaking out. I am supposed to go on a date with this guy I like tomorrow and we're going to dinner... I don't want to make a fool of myself by not being able to drink anything without drooling everywhere!
I don't think what you are experiencing is that unusual. When I had my wisdom teeth out the feeling came back super quickly but then I had a baby tooth out years ago I felt some numbness for 12 or so hours after. not sure if it was the LA they used, where they had to put it or whether they gave me less with the wizzies as I had IV that time too. But my point is the feeling came back by the next day and it was like nothing ever happened. But call your dentist for reassurance if you want, I'm sure they'll be fine with it.

How is it feeling now?
My face was numb after 2 fillings for a solid 8 hours! I think you will thaw out. That was a lot of numbing you had.
Just read your followup message. Glad you unfroze!!!

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