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Partial Denture and Implants



Junior member
Mar 3, 2022
Hi, I just had my lateral incisors extracted and gotten an immediate denture which I'll be using until I finish my implant process. I got bone graft done, and plan to get implants in two months.

1. I am having trouble eating with my dentures. My lower incisors touch the denture's plate on the roof of my mouth but my molars are not touching. Is it something wrong with my teeth or the denture? Can I send the denture back to make it fits better?

2. Some of my teeth have shifted/tilted/supra erupted due to missing teeth and not replacing them. The space for my laterals are not equal due to canine shifted to premolar space and midline have shifted a bit.
My dentist mentioned that braces is not an option since I am missing many teeth. But I am afraid about the final aesthetic outcome especially when I am spending a lot of money for implants (which can't be changed). What other options do I have?

Thank you for taking the time to answer this.


Well-known member
Jul 1, 2018
Not a dentist, but I can share my experience. I had my upper central incisor out and an implant placed. My temporary partial (flipper) at first had the same issue you mentioned. My lower teeth were bumping part of it, making it next to impossible to even talk properly. I didn’t notice it when I left the office due to being numbed up and anxious after the extraction.

I went back and they adjusted it so that my teeth had room to chew. Yours can probably be adjusted as well.

I also had the issue of my original central incisor was slightly forward due to overcrowding. The space left for the implant crown was smaller than the other central incisor. There are things they can do. My dentist shaved off a tiny bit of my lateral incisor (not damaging it at all) and the surgeon positioned the implant so that the tooth would fit. My implant crown is slightly smaller in width but not enough that you notice.


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
How long have you had the denture? They can settle in after a few days as the sockets heal which can change the bite a bit. If it's still an issue after this weekend then it's a fairly simple job for the dentist to adjust the denture.