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Partial denture for missing lower molar



Jun 7, 2021
Does anyone have any advice on a partial denture for a lower missing molar ? I have asked my dentist and he said that I wouldn’t wear one ? But I can’t have an impalnt at the moment due to unexplained pain in the healed extraction site. I have seen people mention that they have a lower partial and they have no issues with it at all and can eat with it etc , I cannot eat or chew anything at all on the right side of my mouth , which is now causing issues on the left side of my face as I only chew anything on that side. i suffer with facial arthromyalgia / TMJ pain so replacing this tooth is going to help to rebalance the load of my facial muscles. I would love an implant but am afraid to peruse this due to the pain in the extraction site. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’ve no idea where to start. Thank you ???
I'd be hesitant at making a denture for a single missing lower molar. Most patients would give up on it very quickly. The NHS used to be a bit sticky about paying for them too, though this may not apply anymore.
Are the teeth next to it in good condition? A Maryland bridge might be a better option.
Hi Gordon. Thank you for your reply ? unfortunately I only have 1 remaining molar on the bottom right side which is very deeply filled. I don’t know if the tooth is strong enough to take a bridge? I was hoping for an implant by now, but I don’t know if this is advisable due to the pain in the extraction site? I really don’t know what other options I have to replace this gap ? ?
What about in front of the gap?
Hi Gordon :) Yes I have a healthy tooth in front of the gap, it’s a small tooth I’m not sure what the correct name for the tooth is. It may have a small filling in it. I’m not sure :confused: Thank you.
Premolar by the sounds of it. Could use that to hang a Maryland bridge off if it's got a decent root. Basically without seeing you it's hard to say what could be done. If the molar is already heavily filled then a conventional bridge could be an option too.
Thank you Gordon. I will discuss it with my dentist on Friday and see if either are possible . I really do hope so. Thank you 😊 Kindest regards. Kelly ☺️☺️☺️