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Partial denture nightmare



Feb 14, 2018
Hi everyone,
I have to have two bottom front teeth extracted due to bone loss, absolutely horrified at the thought of this, plus it has to go right next to a tooth that is only bonded on to an existing bridge. I keep stressing about it and putting off getting it sorted 🙁..part of the reason for this (apart from the dental phobia) is that the NHS dentist is really hard to deal with, not understanding at all, at the last visit I was made to feel ashamed and literally can't face returning and feel stuck. One of the teeth is extremely loose.

I could just about afford to see a private dentist about this, but could not afford to lose the NHS listing at the current practice and fully fund private care. cannot seem to find out with any certainty if I am allowed to mix the two.

Totally making me feel sick all of this
Is there another dentist at the NHS practice that you could see?

I'm not sure if you can have both either. I was told that you could register with as many dentists as you want, but not sure how this works if one is private.
If it's just for an opinion/assessment I'd doubt it would affect anything tbh, how would your nhs dentist know (?).. it's just a second opinion after all.