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Partial denture support needed



Feb 14, 2018
Hi, Hoping some members will be able to reassure me please. I have to have two bottom teeth removed due to periodontal disease (severe gum recession around these two teeth) and be fitted with a partial denture.

I am absolutely beside myself with worry regarding this denture, am imagining all sorts of horror, how will I speak/eat etc, & certainly would not want anyone to know about it :cry:...I don't have anyone else to share these feelings with, although I only have myself to blame for ending up in this situation..& now have to very soon face the fact that I will have to deal with it. Any other partial denture wearers out there that can talk me off the ledge, I would be so very grateful
Hi I am sorry I am not a denture wearer, but wanted to offer you anything I can, I can tell you that both of my grandparents had partial dentures, this was years ago and they both spoke and ate fine, and no one would know they had a denture, their teeth looked perfectly natural. These were 90s dentures and they are way better now.