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Partial dentures at 40.. allergic to metal



Jan 15, 2022
I have to have two teeth removed in a month and that will leave me with no molars or pre molars on the bottom both sides and none on the top on one side. I currently cannot chew for pain so they will be taken out and then I have to wait 3 months for the gums to heal before I can be fitted for dentures.

I will have to have a partial upper and lower and I am scared.. I keep reading how people struggle and they hurt. I won't have any options but to get them as I cannot afford to replace the 9 teeth I have lost in 3 years with implants.

I am also allergic to nickel so do not know what denture options will be open to me. Metal - no, acrylic have metal clasps so no and flexible ones are very expensive and I want ones that teeth can be added to as I am losing them all so quickly.