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partial dentures help needed



Junior member
Nov 30, 2012
hi 5 days ago i had some teeth removed which were.....:scared:

upper right 3rd molar
upper right canine
upper left premolar
upper left molar
upper left 2
upper left 8
lower left molar
lower right molar
lower right 3rd molar

i have to say recovery wise is going ok...ish my gums feel bruised n sore still

its been absolutly awful getting used to the partial dentures and as for eating i only started to have something other than chicken soup or rice pudding today lol my partner as been very supportive and as incouraged me to eat more than just the chicken soup n rice pudding lol....it was only veg n some blended up chicken but im so proud of myself

anyway the reason why im here apart from being terrified of dentists and believe me having the above teeth out terrified the crap out of me even more i cried n shook like mad never been so upset....when i have taken out the partials i have noticed that my mouth feels really sticky it feels like goo in my mouth i know that probably sounds strange but i just wondered if theres anyone out there that can help

look forward to ur replies :)


Well-known member
Mar 4, 2012
Hi skyler and glad you are through to the other side of the petrification that we suffer. I also know what you mean, I have complete dentures recently, and have noticed that also, and have put it down to saliva getting under the plate, tho' I may be wrong?

I hope you continue to heal, and that the getting used to process goes smoothly for you.

Take care.

Kim x