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Partial front tooth implant causing a lot of pain



Junior member
Apr 13, 2013
I broke my 2 front teeth when i was still a little kid, can't remember how long ago exactly, 6-8 yrs old :? i'm 24 now. The way they broke was i guess a "clean break" whats left of my teeth looks like this: |/ \| the pulp was exposed and they removed it from each tooth, and then reconstructed my teeth. Not sure what they're called, i think Posts, and then what ever is used to make the 'teeth'

Now my problem started a few days ago, i've searched the internet and haven't found anything that would fit my case.

A Fews days ago my Left front tooth felt loose, and if any amount of pressure.. be it me just running my tongue against it, caused a lot of pain. Days later it doesnt feel lose anymore, but the pain has not gone away.
It almost feels as if it's spread to include the two teeth next to it. progressed over the last few days to where it no longer just hurts when contact it made with the tooth and it now a constant throbbing pain almost feels like theres a build up of pressure, the intensity of which seems to vary between dull to mild, when "mild" it prevents me from sleeping, and the duller side while doesnt prevent me from sleeping does make it difficult

There's no gum discoloration, no smell. I brush & use mouth wash twice a day. Everything looks normal long my gum line/

I thought it might have had something to do with my wisdom teeth, but i've only had 3 that have come in. the 2 on the bottom which came in at 45* angles, and the one on the upper right, which came in perfect since i'd had a molar pulled when i was 18. but nothing on the Top left side of my mouth has come in at all.

I've a nasty habit of chewing on ice, which is how i broke the top right rear molar that i had pulled, but i never bite ice or anything for that matter with my front teeth. I've always been afraid that they'd get damaged, break or fall out.

I've had my teeth hurt if i somehow managed to physically hit them, but it's never anything that didn't clear up after a 2-3 days, and it's never hurt this bad

i'm rather concerned about it, and with it now being over a week and not clearing up i'm starting to get very worried.
I've got state medical, but for dental they dont cover anything thats not medically necessary, which is why i havent gone in :(

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this problem, ?
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Well-known member
Mar 20, 2013
Sounds similiar to my front teeth symptoms. I had a cyst or tumor (oral surgeon called it both) that needed to be removed, as well as three of my teeth. I am not saying that your treatment will be as extreme, as mine was ignored for way too long. But when I had my teeth broken, a root canal was performed on one and a crown, which is what I suspect you had done. I too thought I had an "implant" because I didn't know the terminology back then for what the dentist did. Root canals can "fail" and the root develops an infection that can spread to your bone and other teeth. That is why the teeth become loose. If caught early enough you can get the infection scraped out and save the teeth. If left without treatment the problem becomes worse. Please get it checked as soon as possible.


Junior member
Oct 19, 2013
Hi, I am literally in the exact same position as you! I broke my teeth when I was younger around 6-7 I'm now 18 and I had pain a few weeks ago from my wisdom teeth, although they were at the bottom, I had a root canal and 'capped' or implant teeth whatever you want to call it and now my tooth is absolutely killing me! If I touch it in any way it really hurts but it's generally more painful as the day progresses until at night it's so painful I can't sleep... Anyway, I was wondering if you could tell me what the problem ended up being and if there's any immediate relief I can use? Also what action you had to take in order to rectify the issue? Thank you.
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Super Moderator
Jan 5, 2012
Hi Souzy :welcome: to the forum.

You really need to make an appointment with a dentist or go to a dental hospital if there is one near you that you could go to. If it is keeping you awake at night and normal pain meds are not helping then the sooner rather than later you can be seen would be best.

All the best to you let us know how you get on please :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly: