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Partial metal dentures or bridges



Nov 17, 2008
Hi everyone,

I have a decision to make and am not sure what way to go for the best.

I was going to have metal partial dentures both upper and lower.

Today when I went to the dentist he did the impressions for both, then said that it would be possible if I wanted to have two bridges on the lower jaw instead. One three tooth and one four tooth. He said that this was in part as the teeth had been removed years ago and the gaps were small.

Now I can see the benefits of having fixed units, however, I am worried about the shaving down of the teeth to make room for this, also the partial denture would be £658 and the two bridges £4,200 that seems a lot to me.

Can anyone give any pros and cons of both of these options please.

I did say go with the bridges, but having got home and thought about it I am not so sure, and the dentist is going to phone me in the morning to discuss it.

Advantages of bridges:
1) Look better
2) No removable bits
3) Don't affect other teeth in mouth causing potential problems with gum disease or decay

1) Necessary to sacrifice healthy tooth structure on support teeth
2) Fiddle to clean under
3) Will need replaced at some stage in future leading to more stress on the support teeth
4) More expensive

I have to say it, but this is really your call, weighing up the pros and cons.
Advantages of bridges:
I have to say it, but this is really your call, weighing up the pros and cons.

Yes I agree Gordon. Thanks for listing the pros and cons for me. I have discussed it on the phone with the dentist and I am going in Monday to have a chat with him about it.

Thanks for taking the time to list the pros and cons for me.