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Partial success story! Just visited a dentist after 12 years.



Junior member
Feb 12, 2023
So I left a posting a few months back explaining my story and how I ended up not going to the dentist for over 12 years - since I turned 18 and couldn't be made to go. Well, long story short after posting that story I had a bit of a meltdown when it came to dentist stuff and had to walk away from it for a few months. Then about a month ago I plucked up the courage and phoned a private practise in my home town. Booked an appointment and just had the visit today.

So I went in practically cr*pping myself (was shaking so bad I couldn't even fill out the new patient's form) and the dentist came and got me. I went in very quiet, was just about keeping composure, then I started telling the dentist my trauma story and of course burst into tears. Ugly crying and not pretty. Both she and her assistant were super nice about it and didn't rush me at all. She even said we could just talk about it if I didn't feel ready for her to have a look. So I calmed down enough and they took some Xrays and she had a look around. Was very reassuring and she told me right away if she had concerns or not. Turns out I do have two teeth at the back that are a bit worn/ have black bits. One defiantly has a cavity and would need a filling, which I was very surprised that I didn't freak out about. Just sort of went, oh - and that was that. XD She also said I could do with visiting the hygienist as I do have a bit of tartar build up - she did say that my teeth were good considering I hadn't been to a dentist for so long - also credited my teeth cleaning regime with the electric toothbrush and flossing.

So I'm booked in for a hygienist in a few months - no worries there - and will review when to book in for the filling when I feel able. The dentist says we have time and taking things slow is okay as I'm not in danger of a tooth cracking or things getting worse quickly as it's quite a slow growing cavity. She also recommended bring ear phones and I will be doing that for future visits.

So yeah, a small victory there. To even go was a biggest step and I am relieved to know things aren't as worse as thought. It did help that this practise is where my mom goes too and she has the same dentist, so that gave me a lot of confidence. Part of why I didn't go earlier was because I was afraid of having someone who didn't understand or give me the time I needed.

I'll probably have another bit of a meltdown come filling time, but long as I can get through it then all will be well. Hardest bit was just taking that first step :)