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Partial that does not fit



Junior member
Jul 31, 2017
About a year ago, I was told I had gum disease and needed six teeth pulled and a partial put in. The only other options were pull them all out and get a plate or do the implants which were ($30K). I opted for the partial.

It is horrible and has caused my whole system to change. I cannot chew or swallow correctly due to the pallet in my upper mouth. Subsequently, I have lost 20 pounds. I am practically on a liquid diet as solid food can be chewed but not swallowed. When I chew a piece of meat and try to swallow it, I begin to gag. I have had the partial relined and that did nothing. I have been back to the dentist many times and he said my only other option would be implants.

He has been my dentist for 15 years and I have always liked and respected him. I dont know what went wrong here but something did. I have a habit of picking at it with my tongue which also moves it around but the biggest problem is not being able to eat properly. I rarely go out to dinner with friends anymore as I am limited to soup and ice cream which is a bit embarrassing.

Any advice appreciated.
Is yours the kind with a metal in it . I had a partial about 6 years ago my old dentist did for me. Thank God it was him I did trust him and he was usually perfect with everything. He initially made this one whre there wasn't the metal and it was like all gum like material and the teeth, it was a strange fit and felt pretty gaggy too. I told him my concerns then he made me one with some metal wires, not a ton of metal ,but just made it fit more secure on my other teeth and less bulky and gaggy. it was maybe 200 more, but so worth it... maybe thats an option? just a thought from my experience. I hope it gets better whatever you do!!
Well, a second opinion is always recommended if you hit a wall with one dentist.

For now, can you not take it out when you eat, at least when at home? Your nutrition is the most important thing. Also protein shakes can help keep your weight up, though I know the most disheartening aspect is not being able to eat all your old favourite meals.

Hang in there :hug4:
What about just not eating w/ them? I've had an upper (replaces front 4 teeth and also missing wisdoms and a 2nd molar) and partial lower denture (replaces all molars and a front tooth) for over 3 years now and i've been opting to eat w/o them.