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partial wisdom tooth



Junior member
Dec 23, 2019
hi everyone, i have a wisdom tooth coming through top left, i have no pain but its coming through at an angle so part of it is rubbing on my cheek/lip? its not sharp but getting uncomfortable and im guessing will only get worse, now the issue i have apart from that is im terrified of the dentist, not been for years and i have no idea what to do or how to deal with the fear. i think the not knowing what will happen isnt helping. i know i need to get it seen before it gets worse, any advice would be great thanks

Welcome to DFC. glad you shared with us.. This is a hard place to be where something is just coming to bug you and not know exactly what to do and trying to get up courage after years of not going. The great thing is at this moment you are really in a position of power whre its not urgent and you can go babysteps.. look for someone that you might feel comfortable with and take step by step. As it doesn't seem like something that is too urgent but just getting to the point of bugging you. I encourage you to start looking for an anxious friendly practice and just take baby steps. You did great by coming on here to talk about it.
thank you so much for your reply, im thinking getting in touch with my daughters dentist, explain situation and go from there i guess, first fear i have is just sitting in the chair, hate the whole being laid back slowly thing, think feel vulnerable
That sounds like a great plan to get in touch with her dentist and just explain things first and see what they say.. I so get it that feeling of vulnerability in the chair is so real!! Maybe you can ask if you can just talk to them in the regular chair first so you won't feel as vulnerable , though eventually to do work you will but going slowly is also a good idea to talk to them about and that they let you know what they are doing ahead.
yes i have a plan so fingers crossed, can already feel its getting worse, just my mouth is sore i think where its rubbing/scratching, i was told i might be able to get a prescription from gp for something to take before appointment but not sure how true that is. anyway thanks again :)