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Patients can now rate NHS dental services online



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Patients have right to comment on dentists online Patients can now rate NHS dental practices on a new online service launched today by Health Minister Simon Burns. Similar to other internet comparison websites, patients will be able to view information such as opening times and additional services offered by England’s 22,000 NHS dentists on one page at www.nhs.uk without having to search multiple sources.

Patients can read other people’s comments about:
· How easy it is to get an appointment;
· How highly they would recommend the dental practice;
· How well patients are treated by staff; and,
· If patients felt they were involved in decisions about their care.
Simon Burns said: “The internet has become a two-way street. Rather than just viewing information online like people did years ago, it’s the norm for people to share experiences and leave comments for others to read. Businesses have adapted to this powerful development, and the NHS needs to as well.
“From today people will be able to directly communicate with NHS dental staff online, giving them a clear picture of the results they are achieving. They can use this information to improve their services, and achieve our aim of health outcomes being among the best in the world.”
Patients can already rate services at hospitals and GP practices online, and a similar service that allows expectant parents compare maternity services was launched earlier this month. NHS Choices is also announcing a unique partnership with independent website Patient Opinion (www.patientopinion.org.uk ) today; a website that enables patients to share their experiences of health care services. From now on, comments left by patients on the Patient Opinion site will be republished on NHS Choices, giving patients even more information to make informed decisions about their care.

(source: GDPUK.com)


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Mar 23, 2006
In My Dental Happy Place
Well what are you waiting for? Every poster with a recent bad NHS experience....and if you've had a good one - post about that as well.


Sep 28, 2009
Can I point out this dosent apply to Scotland, as Scotland is NHS Scotland and not just NHS