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Peace at last in Gypsy Lane, Early, Berks UK



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Oct 1, 2010
In dental heaven
Hello to all on this site.

First, my heartfelt thanks to all who have offered support and shared wisdom and useful knowledge with me on my arduous quest for dental comfort and peace after 40 long years.

After all that had gone on, I finally plumped to go with Gypsy Lane dental practice in Early, Reading, Berkshire UK. As I have written in previous weeks, I found them through this site following another members review, and visited them back in April amongst 3 other places on one particular day as a result of having a job in that area that day.

I met an amazing and extremely charming guy called Hitesh Chandegra, who was and is, simply LOVELY!!! The first time I set eyes on him I knew that things looked promising, and even on our first chat, I knew that his heart was set out on mending my broken one as well as my poor tired and sensitive mouth.

A couple of months ago I had an examination with Hitesh; throughout he held my shoulder and gently reassured me the whole time, not letting go until I was safely outside of the surgery, and even escorted me to my bike to wish me a safe journey home!!

This Friday past, I finally submitted for a scale and polish under IV. Hitesh was perfect; he and his colleagues comforted and looked after me throughout, and, although awake but in a very pleasant and comfortable warm and dreamy state, went through the entire treatment without any real discomfort or upset whatsoever. Hitesh lived up to his promise at making it an enjoyable experience for me, and hence I am more than happy to go back to him again soon! A numbing gel was used, so apart from a couple of little twinges the entire procedure was totally painless and for once in my life, my mouth really did feel pampered!! My heartfelt thanks go out to this team for turning my medical life around so drastically,and anyone reading this should try this practice; you will not be disappointed!! Also deep thanks from the heart to Sarah, my nurse from Bluebird care for her love and professional support and care that day.

The websites are: Gypsy Lane: https://www.gipsylane.co.uk/
(telephone 0118 966 5656 or 3944

Bluebird Care (for escorts/nursing care) www.bluebirdcare.co.uk
(telephone 01932 567593 for Chertsey branch, other areas on website)

Hope this helps any others that have suffered like I have for so many years, and am happy to help anyone else to reach their nirvana as I have.

Love Simon (Surreyvwphobic, Surrey, UK)xx
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