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Periodontal disease aged 29



Junior member
Oct 28, 2022
Hi All,

I was recently diagnosed with periodontal disease, I'm only 29 and go to the dentist yearly however when I went this year it showed up on an xray that I have severe bone loss in my bottom front canine ☹️ it's very mobile... I was referred to a periodontist who confirmed I have advanced periodontal disease mostly in my lower front. Other areas are the starting of periodontal disease so can hopefully be helped with some deep cleaning .. I have to go for a deep clean on the 7th and 8th of November, 7th one side and 8th the other side while doing a course of antibiotics. I am absolutely terrified and so depressed at the thought of loosing my front tooth and having to wear a denture for the rest of my life as nothing other than a denture is optional for me as the bone loss is so bad and also financiallyi cant afford a bone graft and i reckon it probably might not even be able to be carried out... I'm so afraid that my tooth will come out when carrying out the root scaling and planning as its loose already and has no bone to support it 🥺 anybody in a similar situation to me ? Will my tooth more than likely fall out during the deep clean as at the moment I feel its only the tartar holding it in ! Any advice welcome! Thanks for reading
As a man with periodontal disease in his entire mouth, I understand your fear. However, I’m afraid I’m not able to understand your loose tooth issue as I’ve never had that. But I can offer you a bit of comfort regarding the rest of the mouth and deep cleaning. I made a post about it yesterday. It should be near the top of the posts. It’s called “A description of my experience for you”. As far as your tooth coming out during cleaning, I don’t think the dentist would do that. If it needs to come out, they will pull it as they cannot in good conscience leave it in, but if it can be saved they will do their best. Just ask them. They can see the severity on the X-rays. I hope this helps.
@scaredfronttoothloss I'm so sorry that you're going through that. It must be quite challenging. I'm 23 and I fear I may have periodental disease. Though I am not quite certain until my visit - also on the 8th of November.

It is highly unlikely that any tooth would fall out during a deep clean. Your dentist should hopefully be able to save the tooth with a deep clean and offer advice on how to do home care. In my case, I was told to use interdental brushes. They're a little finicky, but you get used to them. So perhaps that is something you could discuss with your dentist and what size brush would be best.

I would like to believe that our fears and anxieties may cause us to jump to the worst case scenario situation. Our inner fear. Whereas, I believe that if we make our dentists aware of our concerns and fears. They could potentially alleviate that worry. Hoping for the very best. :)