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Periodontal Disease + Dentists but I did a few bits towards my journey



Junior member
May 24, 2022
South coast uk
I have had Periodontal Disease for the last 25 years probably due to impacted wisdom teeth + growing up in a lot of psychological trauma since aged 8 and lack of self care.

Most of my uppers removed in 2015 remaining teeth supporting a partial. Last year 2021 last upper teeth removed as an emergency case. Denture glued in the partial for the next 14 months due to lost job and being removed as an NHS patient.

Unfortunately my 4 lower teeth at the front have really bad recession down to the root.

I have been for a new private upper denture following an oral health check with the dentist.

I have had impressions taken.

I have a direct hygienist appointment this week as I didn't realise you can book these privately directly without seeing that practices dentist first .

Hopefully the appointment will go well but I will have had three appointments all in a row /in a short space of time and my anxiety is through the roof.

I still need to find a new dentist to register with locally to me and keep up the hygienist ( if I like them) I just feel like a science experiment to all the dentist's I've seen. I hate all that new patient consultation pocket probing.

So by the end of my journey I hope to have new uppers and lord knows what will happen to the bottoms.

After being told for last 2 years I'm a hopeless case for dentures due to bone loss I thought I'd keep trying, to at least get some dentures and what teeth I have left at the bottom will hopefully support some lower partials.

25 years of being ill there has to be a better life.

Will let you know how I get on. I actually can't believe I've got this far given how sick I've felt in each of the waiting rooms when your whole body and mind is screaming run 😂😂🤣.

Does anyone know if they still splint teeth in the UK ?

Good luck to anyone on a terrifying journey. Sending you a big hug.

Good luck to you as well, from a fellow periodontal disease case in the US! 💚 I also grew up with a lot of trauma, followed by lack of self care.

I agree about those probings, they sting! I recently had a cleaning followed THE NEXT DAY by my first periodontist appointment, so two probings in a row, yay! 😅

I’m glad you’re not giving up on the lower partials. You have a great attitude. MAJOR HUGS!
Hi there
Thank you for reply I really appreciate the support ☺️
Good luck to you too. Two probings in a row the stuff of nightmares 😂 you are brave.

first of all, welcome and well done for working up the courage to see a new dentist :respect:. I hope you get on really well with the hygienist. Please let us know how it goes!

I'm not a dentist myself, but I've certainly seen splints still being used in similar situations on a Facebook group for dentists. It would probably depend on the individual circumstances etc. and the dentist of course, but presumably splinting still exists where appropriate 🙂.

You might find this thread from a few days ago useful because it seems similar to your own situation: https://www.dentalfearcentral.org/f...to-dentist-after-15-years-all-bad-news.32163/

Anyway, all the best of luck with the hygienist this week - keeping my fingers crossed that they're everything you wish for 🤗
Well you won't believe what's happened Hygienist had a cancellation and I was asked to come in so I did . They ran late and I sat in the waiting room trying so hard for 15 mins not to walk out in tears. Anyway Hygienist said my oral health and hygiene is very good at present . So that was a plus.

All lower teeth still intact for now.

The embarrassment of my anxiety was bad but had to put in my head that the end results will be worth it and just go along with it.
So new upper denture for me, teeth cleaned and the lowers to be continued I guess I will need consultations with Specialist Periodontal Dentist .

I'm still worried about lower jaw bone loss not going to lie.

A few positives to the start of this journey and making progress.

That's it for now progress not perfection as they say 😂

Thank you for all support means a lot 😊

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