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Periogen Plaque Dissolving OraL Rinse



Feb 11, 2009
Hello everyone,
The above product is being sold on Amazon. Is it a 'Snake Oil' remedy? It caught my interest! They say it removes plaque above & below the gumline. If it works, it would be a godsend to me. I have no Health Ins, cannot afford dental procedures, altho I sorely need a deep cleaning or more.
There was a clinical trial of periogen which finished in August 2010, but it doesn't look as if the results have been published (or at least, haven't been published yet - either that or the reviewers deemed the study not worthy of publishing). I'm somewhat surprised that periogen didn't mention the results of any clinical studies on their own website (unless I missed something).

I came across a couple of reviews on the web where people had tried out periogen and found it didn't do what it claims to do (i.e. dissolve tartar).