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Permanent Crown Throbbing After Multiple Years?



Junior member
Dec 8, 2015
I had a root canal on one of my lower premolars and got a permanent crown over it. It's been a good 2 years since the crown was put on and I've never had any problems. However, tonight, it started really hurting. It was throbbing and tender if I pushed on it. 200 mg of ibuprofen knocked out the pain and it feels fine right now, but I'm not sure if it will come back or not.

Why would it start hurting all of a sudden? I've read that a throbbing crown usually requires a 2nd root canal... is this true? I don't think I could bear a 2nd one. The first one was really horrible.


Well-known member
Jun 24, 2015
Hi Aurora, I am not a dentist, but I just posted in another thread about RCT and my experiences with it (unfortunately, I have more experience with RCT than I'd like).

If you've had only one episode of pain that 200 mg Advil completely relieved, I would not immediately conclude that you have a situation that requires 2nd RC treatment on that tooth. Any number of reasons can cause a tooth to ache (as I've learned this past year). And sometimes, our teeth just have fleeting episodes for no apparent reason. I'm not suggesting you *don't* have a problem, just that it's also possible you're fine.

I too have a previously RCT tooth under a crown that's causing general dull ache and occasional tenderness to chewing. Have had it examined several times by several reputable providers, many xrays, percussion testing (how I hate that!), examination of gums (probing using explorer and digital exam by Endo that produced no pain). No infection seen, but infection can grow SLOWLY as I've been told and as it stands, I have no answers other than suggestions that the pain is caused by added stress on that particular tooth due to my terrible bite and a nasty habit of grinding (for which I've worn a night guard for many years and recently had a new one made).

I'm sorry to hear you had a bad RCT experience! If you have to have re-treatment, it's best to consult with a specialist (Endodontist).

When did you last have an evaluation and cleaning ? If recently, you might call your Dentist and explain your symptoms and see what he/she suggests. If not recently, maybe make an appointment to have a cleaning and exam. Or, you can always "Watch and Wait", especially if it was one episode of pain that was relieved. It's been my experience that Ibuprofen is the best medication for dull generalized toothache. If it is still painful tomorrow, see what your dentist suggests. Keep us posted and best of luck!