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Permanent nerve damage after wisdom teeth extraction



Junior member
Mar 4, 2018
Hi, I am interested in hearing any stories from people who have had permanent damage after a wisdom
tooth extraction. Especially any ideas of how they cope, how long ago it was and if it has ever improved and anything they have found to help with the pain . I had mine extracted 23 years and have mostly given up hope but every few years I have a look on the Internet to see if anyone has come up with some way of getting relief.

I had let my previous dentist extracted my left lower wisdom tooth(impacted) last year september 28, 2017
Im still coping up. Thankfully I have a supportive family.
I also pray and still holding on hope. I just also posted my short (long) story a moment ago in the "journals" area, with the title of "when anxiety returns".

Sorry to hear about your experience. Can't really suggest a lot except to hope things improve. I wouldn't wish it on the anyone. I have found that dentists don't really want to to know or have any interest in it once they have maimed you . Is it just numb or painful? I didn't really sleep much for the first two years because of the constant pain. I think it was only alcohol that helped me survive. Fortunately things eased off a little after that though even now over twenty years later some things can set it off and it feels like day one. I wish I had had a bit more of of a dental phobia back and not trusted that the dental profession knew what they were doing. I have one now though :)