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Persistent infection



Junior member
Jan 20, 2017
Hi. A few months ago I noticed I had a cavity in my a back molars which was quite large. I had previously had discomfort in this area of my mouth but had thought it was my wisdom tooth pushing other teeth forward. I planned to go to the dentist when I noticed the hole as it was starting to hurt but I became ill with a cold so put it off.
Then one night I woke up in agony with toothache. I went to see a dentist a few days after and was told I had a very bad infection and would likely had to have the tooth out. I was given a five day course of antibiotics (amoxicillin 500mg) and it settled it down. I was scheduled to have the tooth extracted two days before new year. But as it was feeing better I rescheduled it for the week after new year. However the day before NYE i was struck down with terrible toothache again and I returned to the dentist to be given more antibiotics for five days (amoxicillin 500mg).
Finally in January I had the tooth taken out. It took a lot of wiggling and pulling for it to come out but it was generally a straight forward extraction. I followed the instructions that he gave me to avoid infection. However the following days I became paranoid that it was infected. It didn't feel right. But seen as it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable I left it thinking I was just being paranoid. I kept an eye on it using a littlehand mirror. I noticed a large red lump inside the extracion site (not a clot) and sensitive lumps on the side of my gum. After a week I decided I was going to have it checked out - better safe than sorry.
Instantly the dentist said that it was infected and prescribed me another five days of amoxicillin 500mg and instructed me to use corcodyl mouthwas whcih I went out and purchased.
I completed the course of antibiotics today however, the red lump is still there and the lumps on my gum are still there - even though they are less swollen and not as sensitive, they are still there. When I just looked I noticed there was some white stuff which looks like puss.
Is my gum healing or does it look like I'm going to have to have more antibiotics?

Edit: recently I've been exhausted constantly. I could easily sleep over 12 hours every night. I assume it's because I'm fighting a persistent infection?
If you're not having any symptoms and no major swelling then you most likely don't need to go on another antibiotic. In most of these cases your body will be able to get the rest of the infected area under control on it's own. The healing may be a bit delayed from the infection. A white looking covering on the extraction site is pretty normal during the healing process. This is actually called granulation tissue. It's rare that it is actually pus.

If it does become infected again before it heals your dentist should probably switch the antibiotic to something to else as it sounds like amoxicillin hasn't been terribly effective for this particular infection.
Thank you for getting back to me. I'm only concerned because there is still a sizeable squidgie lump inside the extraction site and another to the side. My back wisdome tooth is starting to become sensitive when I bite. How long would you suggest I let my body fight off the remainder of the infection before returning to the dentist?

I'd probably give another week or so. If it is decreasing in size, then you're good. If it starts getting bigger or painful again then you'll want to get back in to see your dentist.