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Persistent pain/swelling above tooth extraction site



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Mar 26, 2021
I had a horrible experience with the RCT of upper left 6 and 7 which lasted for the last 1.5 years, which could never get resolved even after multiple re-RCTs and, due to covid lockdown in march 2020, remained incomplete and had opened up after a few months. I could not chew on that side for 1.5 years (ever since the RCT started in oct 2019), and I was fed up of chewing from my right side only. By now, caries had also developed much beyond the gum line in both the teeth. I tried to get it completed again 2 months back but had such a bad systemic reaction after the treatment and became so severely ill that I could not step out of the house to go through so many visits again. Meanwhile, covid cases started suddenly rising rapidly again and lockdown could start again anytime soon. The dentist may be closing and this time, it may be for longer. Due to these factors, I asked the dentist whether it would be better if he could just extract the teeth as I would not be able to bear another prolonged period like this as I could not eat from that side at all n it was always inflamed even after multiple RCT attempts. He took the attached xray and extracted upper left 6 and 7. Due to the current covid situation and being totally fed up for so long, I had to go through this unwanted n horrifying decision of losing my precious molars, which used to be absolutely solid 1.5 years ago, but I lost them due to the turn of events which were not in my hands. (Moreover, neither of the teeth was fractured and they came out in one solid piece. It seemed all the tips came out intact.) This happened 3 weeks ago. However, now even after 3 weeks, there is still pain/swelling on the spot above where upper left 6 was (where I have pointed with my finger in the attached pic). This corresponds to the area behind my cheek which is about 1 inch left of my left nostril. There seems to be some slight nodule there which I can feel on top of my cheek with my finger, and that part of my cheek is slightly swollen inside (not visible on outside). It's the same problem I had when the tooth was there...when I tried to chew, that same spot would get inflamed and painful. I thought that extracting the tooth would solve the problem, but it's still there. This problem only started after the first RCT started. What could this be? Could there be a cyst or some other problem in that spot? Will this pain ever stop or some other further treatment is needed? I am already feeling devastated about losing my teeth, and now am horrified that the problem is still there. Please let me know possible reasons for the problem and their solution.


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