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Petrified. 25 Tooth extraction. Help!



Junior member
Dec 13, 2011
Hi everyone!
I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place. I have some questions AND need support. So, nobody likes going to the dentist. Including me, but I've never had a phobia per se. That is, until now!!! I'm so scared that I'm starting to not be able to sleep at night due to racing thoughts about the procedure. And it's two and a half weeks away.
Here's my situation...
I've had no more than two teeth pulled at a time. But that has always gone fine (except the time my bottom right molar was taken out and caused me literally excruciating pain for 2 weeks) as far as local anesthetic and not feeling anything while it was being done. No racing heart or thoughts, no sweating, no fear. I'm GUESSING I'm petrified NOW because it's not just one or two teeth. It's 25 and all at once!!! It was my choice because I'd rather go through the pain ONCE and get it over with. Since having my last tooth extracted, I've been diagnosed with Grave's disease which causes racing heart and abnormal heart rythms. I also have epilepsy with grand mal seizures. I'm scared to death that all the novacaine is going to do something bad to my heart, or I will have a panick attack and THAT will affect my heart...or both. I want to take my mp3 and headphones, a worry stone to play with in my fingers, and something comfy. I also want to take a pain pill and klonopin to make me "not care". I don't want to set myself into a panic attack. Do you have any tips? Do you think my plan is a good one? What do you think about my situation?? I'm just worried about my heart, or having some other bad reaction from the anesthetic because it's going to be so much of it. I'll be honest and say I am afraid I will die. Literally. Is this normal??? Does everyone afraid of the dentist think they will actually die? I have three beautiful girls I have to come to. I can't die. Please help, this is causing great stress. HUGE stress.
Thank you in advance,


Well-known member
Sep 4, 2010
Your dentist can use anesthetic without epinephrine to numb you up if your arrhythmia is what you're concerned about. If you do decide to self medicate, let your dentist know what you took prior to the procedure and the dosage. Good luck!


Super Moderator
Staff member
Mar 23, 2006
In My Dental Happy Place
I'm not a dentist, just thinking how I would feel myself if in your shoes. I think if you are having so many teeth extracted at once, you would do better to be i/v sedated. I don't think LA without epi is a good idea either as it wears off more quickly I understand.

Are you sure you need to lose all your teeth like this? Are you having a full denture arranged?

I would advise you to fully discuss all your options - maybe even get a second opinion about the need for the treatment if you have any doubts at all - if your teeth can be saved with restorative dentistry that would be a better option usually.

Good luck - I think you are maybe trying to do too much in one appointment. Also by splitting it up, you would need less anaesthetic and then the worries about your heart issues would lessen...?