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Petrified!!! Dental Implant Surgery



Junior member
Jul 16, 2007

I'm having dental implant surgery in TWO DAYS and am scared to death!!

I have four loose bottom front teeth which are being removed and implants placed immediately. My appointment is scheduled for two hours. I'm going to be fully awake for the whole thing (Novacaine only) and that alone scares the heck out of me! I'm taking my iPod with me so I don't have to hear any horrible noises, which will just totally freak me out! I know what the periodontist told me about the procedure and also what my general dentist told me about the procedure, but I want to hear from someone who's actually HAD the procedure! How miserable should I expect to be post-surgery? What can I expect in general following this initial procedure? I was advised that the entire procedure should take about six months, start to finish, with the crowns being attached sometime in January or February. Any advice, suggestions, words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!


Well-known member
May 20, 2007
Good luck for tomorrow Scaredygirl. I'll be thinking of you. Think this time tomorrow, it will all be over and you'll be on a high knowing how brave you were and that you got through it all. :jump:

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