PETRIFIED OF DENTIST- First filling after 13 years



Feb 18, 2020
I feel so so proud of myself, when i was younger ive had horrific experiences for rootcanals/ fillings etc - i remember always being in pain during the procedures and huge vibration drills in my mouth it was horrific. My teeth are in a sorry state as i've ignored the dentist for 13 years - i finally made myself go back as i have an infected root canal tooth.... which will eventually need a dental implant, but in the meantime my dentist is working slowly with me as i have quite a few fillings i need done alongside the dental implant.
Today was that day! I had my first filling and it was NO WAY as near as bad as it used to be, i remember even with the anaesthetic id have to wait for it to work and this was immediate! i didnt feel any pain just the noises and pressure... i didnt sleep last night as i was so so panicked.
I am so proud of myself as my mum used to take me to the dentist everytime and she passed away a few years ago and today i managed my first filling on her birthday, i feel happy and sad at the same time.
For anyone worrying the same as me and haven't been for years! technology has changed so much and i hopefully will be able to sleep now for my next appointment!


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Apr 14, 2021
Awesome!!! I too went years and years before going back. It’s not as bad as we tell ourselves it will be.