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Petrified of the dentist- making an appointment soon.



Junior member
Jul 14, 2019
San antonio
So, I'm 22 years old and I am completely and utterly TERRIFIED of the dentist. I dont think I have any reason, but mouth things have always terrified me. Maybe rooted to getting my tooth knocked out when I was little? Anyways, I havent gone in maybe 4ish years maybe less. My teeth have become a little sensitive to the cold (not eating or drinking, sometimes just air but its brief and quick?) And I know I have several cavities.

I finally plucked up the courage to call the dentist to set up an appointment to have my teeth looked at and I am completely losing my wits about it. I know my teeth aren't that bad. I brush everyday and night (I dont floss, unfortunately I never picked up the habit)

I have always had a history of getting cavities. I'm so embarrassed and scared of what she'll say to me even know I dont think she lecture me and just explain what needs to be done. I'm very adamant on getting this work done because the idea of my teeth getting worse scare me even more.

I dont know what to do. Her office is closed on the weekend so she wont get back till Monday (its Saturday) and I'm so scared I'll back out as soon as I set the appointment. I'm honestly on the verge of tears of the idea of possibly needing fillings or a tooth pulled (I do have a cracked tooth...)

Any advice or suggestions? Kind words would help.

The mouth is a very important and sensitive place in our body. It takes time for any stranger (meaning the dentist) to let them inside that area. I do believe that once you feel comfortable talking with the dentist, the dental examination will go well. It is in the end about your inter-personal relationship with the dentist.
You mentioned history of having cavities soI assume you had your share of lectures. I think it is perfectly reasonable to politely ask the dentist not to lecture because it does the opposite.
I invite you to watch a video I made about fear of feeling embarrassed during a dental visit.