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May 3, 2021
I have become so consumed by my fear of the dentist/losing teeth. I finally made an appointment after a few years with a new dentist I found that specializes in patients like myself who are filled with anxiety, the appt was just to meet her to see if I feel like I can trust her and how I feel about having her work on me. The meeting went well but I was very nervous and stumbling over my word and don’t feel like I got to explain my trauma/the traumatic events that have happened throughout my life, I am hoping she understands how hard this is for me. I do have a concern with molar #14 (my recent post before this one is all about this tooth) that has had a crown on it for almost a decade. I haven’t had any issues with it pain wise ever, but more recently I can tell it is loose. It has not come out but I can tell when chewing that it feels “off”. I am absolutely petrified to lose this tooth as I don’t have any other molars behind it. I should mention that I have a slight periodontal “pocket” in between that tooth and the one in front of it that my previous dentist was “keeping an eye on” but was not completely concerned about at the time, but I can imagine it has gotten worse since then, that is why I jump the to the conclusion that I could likely lose this tooth. I used to be missing the same molar on the other side til I got a bridge and I remember how self conscious I was about it and how I was always worried if people would see it when I smiled, talked, etc. I am sick at the thought of that happening again. I have an exam with the new dentist on the 21st but I’m the mean time I am stressing so much about this especially because I am leaving for New Year’s Eve for a small trip and I always have increased anxiety when leaving home that something like it falling out will happen while I am away from home. I know that sounds ridiculous. I just have such a fear of that happening. I have been in therapy and seen a psychiatrist over this dental fear issue and I feel I have made some progress since I was able to make an appt. But earlier I was chewing and the crown felt “high” and I could tell the problem was likely getting worse. And immediately I had to take an Ativan and get into bed because it completely debilitates me. Any words of advice or encouragement would help immensely…especially with this trip coming up…thanks for reading..
Hi! I read your older posts because I’m having anxiety about my new crown. Anyway I am 28, so we are very close in age. And I feel the exact same way as you! You previously wrote that losing teeth is your #1 fear and I feel the same! It has consumed me these past few months when I didn’t really think about it all that much prior to going back to the dentist after a ten year absence. I’m getting a molar removed soon and hopefully an implant if my anatomy and health allows…

As for worrying if people noticed your missing molar, I very much doubt they did. My mom told me she is missing a couple upper teeth and I never knew until this year! I thought she had perfect teeth. She didn’t replace them. I think we focus on our teeth a lot more than others do, especially if they look clean generally

Good thing you are going to see a psychiatrist and it is helping. I am considering doing the same thing so it is nice to hear that it has helped you. I am still in the midst of my struggle so I don’t have much to offer for advice, but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

Try to not think about your teeth on your trip. I know that feels impossible sometimes but it is very unlikely anything will fall out on your trip. I hope you’re able to have a good time and that your appointment with the new dentist goes great.

Also— a loose crown doesn’t mean you will lose the tooth. If you have been taking good care of your crowns, and I’m sure you have, then I’m sure they can just give you a new crown as the tooth underneath will still be ok!
Thanks so much for your kind reply. It truly does feel so good to talk to people on here who understand. I don’t have anyone my age that can relate to me in this way so I appreciate you replying I feel less alone. I am sure you are absolutely right about other people not noticing and us just being hyper aware of our mouths. I think about it way too often. I'm so glad you have considered therapy it really is so helpful and I can honestly say without it I wouldn’t have been able to make an appt. So I am grateful. I wish you luck on your extraction and implant if as you said your anatomy allows (I will likely be in the same boat if I lose mine) but either way-we will be just fine! Keep your head up and I’ll try to do the same :) take care xx

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