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Plaque Build up and Desting Cleaning



Junior member
Jan 23, 2015
I have went to the dentist two days ago (I go every 6 months) and when I went and received a dental cleaning the dentist said I had plaque build up from only brushing once a day when I should brush twice to make sure I get all the plaque off my teeth. Afterwards I noticed a tooth of mine is loose. It is a front tooth and I really don't want to loose it but I can tell it is loose because I can move it with my tongue but when I use my finger it seems sturdy. Is this possible that the cleaning could have made my tooth loose and if it is loose is there a way I can strengthen the tooth again? Like by drinking milk or something? :confused: Please help me find some answers!
if you can not move the tooth with your finger it is not loose. you only feel like it is loose when you move your tongue against it because saliva squishes through the newly cleaned space between the teeth that used to be blocked by a buildup of tarter. cleaning teeth does not loosen them and drinking milk does not tighten them. do not keep trying to wiggle it with your fingers, any tooth can be forced to become loose if you keep wiggling at it.