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Plaque build up help!



Junior member
Oct 13, 2018
I’ve always been incredibly anxious about the dentist. About a year ago I forced myself to finally go to the dentist. I had a deep cleaning done and several cavities filled. I’ve been on a perio maintenance schedule. I am still really scared to go to these appointments. I had one on Friday.

My bottom teeth always have Plaque built up again. I have big gaps now from the bone loss. Is there anything I can use to help keep this area cleaner? I water pik and floss most nights. But once it starts getting plague filled again I feel so defeated. is there a tooth paste or mouth wash that would help?

i also need to get my wisdom teeth out but I’m still trying to just get through normal dentist appts.
Interdental brushes are usually more effective than flossing for getting to plaque in between teeth, they come in lots of different sizes. Your hygienist should hopefully be able to point you in the right direction size wise so maybe worth asking them about them?
Try using disclosing tablets, which dye plaque to show you where you are missing bits when you brush. If you are in the U.K. they are sold beside interdental brushes in Boots, or sometimes beside the children’s toothbrushes, in a turquoise packet.
Hi Amayla,

don‘t have any advice for you but wanted to say well done on managing to get to the dentist. I know the first step is not easy so it‘s great to read you got back on track.
You mentioned still being scared to go to those appointments and having had one on Friday. May I ask what it is that still scares you? How did they treat you on your last appointment?

All the best wishes
Hi Amayla :welcome: , in theory cleaning off plaque (a soft biofilm) every 48 hours before it hardens and turns into tartar should be enough. But for some people, plaque may turn into tartar even more quickly. There is a huge variation between people - some seem to never get tartar (despite not flossing), while for others, it turns hard really quickly (speaking from personal experience here :p).

So I'd say the key might be to try and floss or use interdental brushes without fail every single day. That can be a daunting prospect, so you could try and do this with just one area of your mouth at first (e.g. the lower left side or wherever), and over time compare what happens with the other side. If it's a success, this can be a really good motivator for extending the daily routine to the other areas of your mouth. If it's not a success, then you should go back to your dentist or hygienist and let them know. It could be that your technique isn't quite right, and they should be able to help you with that and suggest alternative ways of cleaning.

I don't think special toothpastes or mouthwashes would really help because it's about the mechanical action of removing the biofilm (plaque) before it hardens.
Well done for working up the courage to see a dentist again :cheers:!
Hello! I had a big piece of hardened plaque build up on the back of my bottom teeth. No matter what I could not get it to come off. Not saying I recommend this method by any means but I finally just had my dad gently pick at an edge of the buildup with tweezers. Didn't hurt and I was able to lift it off my teeth. Have not had any problems or further build up since.