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Plaque/Tartar/ Best Toothpaste



Junior member
Jun 21, 2020
I just recently did my filling and it went well but she mentioned that i should brush more harder even if i bleed. my question is what is the best source (other then to do a cleaning im going to schedule one in March as i feel like i see my dentist now every month so its a bit embarassing, What is the best source to remove plaque and what is the best toothpaste to use, I have been use a combination of Crest Enamel and White, Crest Deep Clean, is there a better toothpaste to use and is there a device that removes plaque or something that i can buy?
Oral B electric brushes are the ones most dentists use, draw your own conclusions. There's no point in splashing out for the most expensive ones in the range, they all work the same.
Toothpastes don't really matter, so long as there is Fluoride in them.
One more thing is there something in the market that takes out tartar that i can buy?