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Please can someone relax my fear until I can call Dentist in morning?



Junior member
Apr 25, 2016
Im new and Im FREAKING OUT. I had 8 teeth removed and immediate dentures placed on Wednesday, so 5 days ago. I had my 4 front bottoms, 2 upper eye teeth and the right molar next to the upper eye tooth and the 2nd to the last upper right molar
Anyway Ive been to the dentist every day for these dentures because they are like having a vice in my mouth but thats not the problem. I was looking at my sockets (because thats what I do to make myself freak out) and that back molar socket looks tannish whitish ITS NOT RED OR BLACK LIKE THE OTHER ONES!!!!! Am I getting dry socket???? Im not in any pain at the socket, I still have pain in my upper cheek, ive been rinsing with salt water, only eating soft foods but 2 days after (friday) my dentist said I could drink with a straw.....AND I DID AND NOW IM FREAKING!!!! Anybody help please!!!!! Oh the swelling is pretty much gone.
Thank you:cry:
try not to worry about things so much, easy for me to say lol.I'm worried about going in six months.If it keeps being a problem or pain. I would call the dentist
It's most likely just granulation tissue. It's a very common thing for post extraction.