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Please help, after deep filling for months, bruised?



Junior member
Nov 24, 2020
Hi! I am new here and already feel like I belong here :rolleyes: I have a tremendous fear of anything related to dentists. (on top of my health/dental anxiety, non-existent pain tolerance and regular depression?) I've had a filling which I was told was very deep and could be sensitive for a few days. I felt slight pain, but tried getting used to it by eating on that side a week later (I would chew on the other side, and finish chewing it on the sensitive side). The dentist who had done it was more than horrible and pretty much yelled at me for saying that I felt that it needed to be adjusted. I felt that the teeth on the opposite side were not at all touching and the filling just felt 'huge'. He didn't even want to look and said that I felt so because of the local anestesia and when I insisted, he told be that I could become a dentist if I want to know about that than him, and harsh things like that. Obviously I was a wreck crying sinnce I was already affraid of getting a filling.

I really am on a tight budget, but went to another clinic 2 weeks later. They did x-rays and said that it is close to the nerve so it might be sensitive. I went home, and another 2 weeks later, I went back because the pain was worse. I couldn't drink at room temperature because as soon as it touched my tooth, it caused pain that lingered for a good while. (I felt it in my sinuses I think) Sometimes, applying toothpaste would cause like a sharp pain that would linger as well. What made me go was the fact the I felt the sharp pain and discomfort lingering after laughing!! So if I breathe quick and air hit my tooth, it would hurt. The dentist said that it is most likely a bruised tooth because of an overbite and said she removed a pretty big part of the filling that was excess. She said that I should be feel better in 2 weeks, and that I shouldn't worry about root canals (my biggest fear??).

Two weeks later, I think I felt a slight difference, I could feel less pain when air hit or when I applied toothpaste, so I figured I wait a bit longer because healing often takes longer for me with any health isssues. A month later, I could drink water at room temperature without feeling that pain, I started eating like after my filling. It was alright, he first time food would touch that tooth, i would feel the pain, but it wouldn't linger like it used to, but the fact that there was still a bit of pain, I thought that I needed another ajustement. I went back 5 weeks after the first adjustement. She said that there was a bit of execess and shaved it in a minute, and said that I should be better in 2 days!! Didn't feel sensitivity during the adjustment, but when I went home and tried drinking room temperature water, I felt pain again and it lingered like a few days after the first adjustement. I was so disappointed and felt like I was back to square one.

Obviously, the pain didn't go away in 2 days, but it wasn't as sensitive when air hit, sometimes even no pain. Since she said 2 days, I went back a week after the 2nd adjustement, she shave a bit off because I kept saying that I felt like the other teeth were still note touching. She then said that my teeth are perfectly alligned and that she can't remove any more filling. She said that it is strange that I still feel pain, and now said that I might need a root canal, because since the pain isn't completely going away, it might be because an infection is starting, and asked if I wanted to be referred to an endodontist. She then also suggested that I try taking Advil in case it my be inflammed as well. I don't know if I am saying this because I really dont want to and can't afford a root canal, but I feel that if my bruised teeth was slowly healing, maybe the second adjustment just irritated it and that it might go away gradually? She said that it is not normal.

I don't understand if it is an infection, how come it got better for a while? I was thinking of taking the Advil, but I don't know for how long I should take it, and i am not confortable calling and asking since she seemed really done with me and my questions. I really cant even afford a consult with an endodontist, but also read reviews about the one she referred me to, and many say that he is obsessed with money. I am affraid that he might do a root canal even if wasnt necessary? Has anything similar happened to any of you? Could anyone please help? The pain doesn't wake me up but since the final adjustement, I 'feel' that tooth, like a slight pain is constantly and I have a headache on my temple only on that side. I know that I grind during the night, because I wake up with bite marks in my cheeks (since a several years), and sometime realize that I am doing it during the day, but I am trying to be more aware of it when I can. Since, I was supposed to let that tooth rest, maybe that could've hurt it even more? I sometimes felt that the teeth next to it were a tad bit sensitive (it happened 2 or 3 times) Please help, and thank you in advance :-*
What a nightmare, I'm very sorry you've had such crap experiences.
What kind of filling was placed? Was it white or silver (amalgam)?
White fillings need careful technique to "bond" properly into the tooth, otherwise they can cause sensitivity to pretty much anything.
Unfortunately it's a bit less obvious in your case because the filling was obviously very much over contoured, which can also cause sensitivity. Even amalgam fillings can cause this if they're too high.

It's possible that a root canal might be indicated, but it's impossible to be sure from what you've said so far.

I think your best bet is to find yourself a more sympathetic dentist whom you can trust and go forward from there.