Please help! Dental Phobic Specialist ripped me off x3 and made me pay under IV x2 (don't remember)



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Nov 5, 2016
Hi All,

Please bare with this post and please advise. In short, I had several bad experiences with the same Phobic Specialist Dentist in the Leeds area, and they didn't deliver work they promised to do twice, and also made me pay under IV twice disagreed amounts. They also increased the price each time which wasn't agreed.
I've only used first initials of the Dentists, but if its allowed or helps others I can post the dentistry online so others avoid. But in general I need advice.

My initial appointment was early January, I met with a Dr K. I was extremely nervous and it took me a while to sit in the chair from fear and shaking. He seemed nice, but promised me that he would only touch my gums with the tool he had, so I trusted him and let him examine my mouth. (Trigger coming up) He then stuck it straight in my tooth which caused me to burst into tears. It was really horrible and took a lot of persuading from my husband for him to continue and do X-rays. So at the end I found out I needed 3 fillings, and extraction and root canal (which I already knew being on the NHS waiting list for GA for extractions - I went private for IV and a root canal over extraction). He tried pushing for extraction over a root canal, and I said no.
Now, heres the weird part - and you can see from my post here - ( ) - He said all work could be done in 3 hours under IV and all I would need is to come back for the crown literally placing on top! I honestly was suspicious a bit, but he priced it to £1415 and said that was for 3 hours sedation and all work done in total. I also said what if the IV doesn't work (nerves I tell you!) and he said "It works on absolutely everyone and I could put a horse under". He also said to me it's dangerous to have 2 sessions of IV, so it needed to be done in one go.

Booked and paid £450 deposit for the treatments and I even went to my doctor to express my anxieties who prescribed me diazepam for the crown fitting which would be done 2 weeks after. So paid for those too.

I had to see an IV specialist Dr W who was carrying out the treatments as she was a dentist. Got the med checks etc and again expressed concern over the 3 hour crap and got reassured everything would go well. Tried to push me into extraction but I said no, I wanted a root canal and thats why I went private in the first place.

Feb 6 1st IV Sedation. I didn't sleep for the weeks heading up to the appointment. I have mental health issues too so I didn't sleep and self harmed a lot, didn't eat etc. Googling deaths of IV etc. I had to wait outside in the freezing cold to be let in as it was their lunch break, so getting the IV in was a nightmare itself. I was shaking and crying and then that was it.
I remember slightly seeing my husbands face as I "woke", and him talking on the phone about a taxi, and then walking up the stairs to my flat. Obviously I slept, and then woke to my husband filling me in.

The IV Sedation wasn't enough to sedate me, and it was thanks to my husband being by my side and encouraging me the work got done. However, Dr W only did 3 fillings. And thats it. I was in the chair for a total of 2 hours. To top it off, I checked my bank app to see I had paid for 3 hours sedation and fillings. I was really upset and shocked. I wouldn't have agreed to that amount being aware! I now felt more anxiety about dentistry than before.

Feb 9-14 My husband rung several times and tried to discuss how the amount paid wasn't agreed and wasn't fair, and I needed the other work done asap.

Mar 7 So Dr W and the Treatment Co-ordinator met with me and my husband for a talk. Apparently they were shocked about the IV however, they were now stating £350 was for sedation in general and not 3 hours which is what Dr K told me! I wasn't happy and I felt robbed and upset. Dr W also said she did the 3 fillings in the "fastest time she'd ever done them" which contradicts that she could of done 3 fillings, extraction and root canal in one 3 hour session. After yet again of trying to push me into extraction over root canal - they promised this time that they would do the extraction and root canal in one go, and also prep the tooth for a crown at the same time. The woman who took payments and Dr W both said not to worry as I would need nothing doing afterwards but literally a crown placed on the tooth. They tried charging me another £350 for another IV sedation and my husband point blank said no and made them decrease it to £150 - as it would be my last IV - we still weren't happy but it had to be done. It was now totalled to £1565.

Mar 15 2nd IV Sedation. Went a bit better and I don't remember much apart from one flashback of her doing bits of the root canal. However, I remember a bit of afterwards of telling one of the nurses that they didn't prep my tooth as promised and I wasn't happy. So obviously I would have needed yet a 3rd IV session for the prep. And again! - I don't remember paying but I did :( I wouldn't have paid them for work they again failed to do.

It seems like this dentist took full advantage of my phobia for more money :(

I haven't been back since. My husbands left calls but I haven't heard anything back. I've ran out of my savings now too. My root canal is really sensitive and really painful, it has been for ages too - and i'm really scared of dentists now. Especially since these guys claimed to be "phobic specialists". I've honestly felt extremely suicidal because of it.

Should I go back or find an alternative dentist to sort out the root canal? And would they sort it out? Please help, this phobia is literally ruining my life. Thank you for reading
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Dec 22, 2011
Re: Please help! Dental Phobic Specialist ripped me off x3 and made me pay under IV x2 (don't rememb

I'm not sure how this work in the UK, but I believe here in Canada and in the US of A, you can file a complaint with the governing board of dentists. They normally explain their process online and can help you assess the situation properly.