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Please help!! Gum bleeding 8 days after wisdom tooth extraction + deep hole



Junior member
Aug 22, 2017
I was trying to get a better look at my extraction site to irrigate it with salt water and make sure there's no food stuck, so I used a cotton swab to move my cheek to see better, but it slipped and poked the gum on the adjacent tooth, the gum that's right next to the suture and is at the opening next to the hole. It bled slightly, but seemed to stop, but I clearly injured something there if it did...Is it safe if it stopped bleeding? Can I wait a bit a proceed with a gentle rinse? Should I do something else? I'm so scared that I might have disrupted something in the healing process!

Also please please can someone tell me if by day 8 I should still see a dark deep gaping hole? It looks like part of it is covered by some white tissue (right on top of sutures), but there's a deep hole inside and I can't see any granulation tissue or really anything down there, it's too dark. It's in my lower jaw, I know because of longer roots these holes can be deeper, but aren't I supposed to see some sort of tissue coming through by day 8? Or can it be forming very deep in the hole that I'm just unable to see? I don't feel pain, just lots of tenderness and discomfort, so I'm guessing it's not a dry socket? :confused::confused::confused:
Re: Please help!! Gum bleeding 8 days after wisdom tooth extraction + deep hole

Hi it doesn't sound as if you have dry socket. Extraction sites take different amounts of time to heal and if all you have is a bit of tenderness I think you should be fine.

If you are still worried then do see your dentist and get them to have a quick look. I am not a dentist so this is only my opinion it is best to seek your own dentists advice. :butterfly: