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Please Help Me. Crying and can't stop....



Aug 5, 2018
Last month I had to have a tooth pulled. It did come right out but it was pretty nervewrecking. IT was a bottom crown. I have another tooth now that also may be dying and needs removed. It was refilled 3 weeks ago, I had a bad feeling. I saw one dentist who thought I had a sinus infection. Another says its starting to die. It hasn't been a fun month for me. I'm at my wits end with all this. The premolar in front of it is also sore, so who knows if something is going on with it, or its referred pain.

Well, the dentist I saw yesterday said it will prob have to be broken into pieces to get it out. Is this worse than a normal extraction? I'm so scared. I still have to find someone to do it, and the money to do it. They wanted 2000 for root canal/crown. I'm so frustrated and scared, I'm also scared its going to start hurting even more. Do antibiotics even help with pain? I'm just so scared.

I'm also worried about pulling it in pieces, dry socket.. Its a top tooth. I have so many worries. Has anyone been through this kind of extraction? Anything you can tell me? I'm just so scared right now. :shame:
I have been through that kind of extraction and it was no worse than any of my other ones.

As far as antibiotics and pain go, once they take effect (usually after about 24 hours), the pain will go away, so if you haven't had any yet, it shouldn't come at all, as long as you have the tooth dealt with before it becomes infected again.

And, if it helps, dry socket is more common on the bottom teeth, and also happens more often to smokers. If you don't smoke, your chances of getting it are less, so that's always good news!


Sounds like quite a lot to go through recently. and all this can be quite scary. Sorry about having to go through all of it, it is hard especially when things just go from bad to worse or one thing to another. I agree with Littlelynnie about the antibiotics.. when I"ve had infections and gotten antibiotics that seems about right , the pain really does go down in about a day , sure it can varie a little but thats been my experience too. I've also had one or two teeth taken out in pieces. but they didn't tell me this before , it was years ago so don't remember much of the details..but.. that is a good thing , if it was alot harder I would surely remember it. are you still thinking at all of the rootcanal/crown option? The great thing is you are going through it and doing it and not avoiding it even as scary as it is !!
Dear cnhand84,

sounds like a though time you are having right now, I would be scared too if this happened to me.

Reading your post it seems to me that you got different informations from different dentists and not knowing what is right makes you feel scared. It also sounds like none of those dentists managed to make you feel comfortable regarding those procedures. If any possible, I can only encourage you to listen to your gut feeling and only go with a dentist you feel comfortable with and who you trust and if any possible to stick with that one dentist.

Some teeth needs to get separated to get taken out comfortably. This is not a bad sign, just allows the dentist to work more easily. They wouldn't break the tooth but use the handpiece to separate it. This is a normal procedure so try not to worry about it too much (better said than done, I know)

Hope you can find a kind caring dentist soon who would put you at ease and explain to you what is happening. Also keeping my fingers crossed for you to find a way to deal with the costs.
All the best wishes and let us know how you got on.