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Please help me relax- Throbbing sensation *near* removal site - 7 days post op



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May 3, 2010
Please help me relax- Throbbing sensation *near* removal site - 7 days post op


I had 4 impacted wisdoms out 8 days ago - including removal of some bone.

Starting today, I have had a throbbing sensation (small amount of pain) that feels like it is *near* one of the removal sites but not quite at it - it *feels* like it's 2-3 teeth in and I'm freaking out that it's actually another issue altogether starting.

Saw dentist 2 days post op and all looked good. Minimal pain left at this point but a little of it - surgeon said given my procedure I'll probably have a decent 2 weeks of pain. But this is stressing me because it's different to the last few days and feels like it's at another tooth.

My boyfriend, who had his out last year, tells me not to worry - his whole mouth felt weird, bones changing etc etc, and I'm probably playing it up in my head - but he's inclined to say "don't worry" rather than "let's see someone" and I need to hear other opinions :(

It's Friday night so even if I wanted to see a dentist (hint: I don't, if I can avoid it - phobia woo) I can't for a few days. Seeing one again in 2 weeks

Does anyone know what I mean? Is it "normal"/likely to be wisdom related healing? If it were at the removal site I wouldn't be stressing, but cause it *feels* as though it isn't I'm playing all these "what ifs" in my head
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Re: Please help me relax- Throbbing sensation *near* removal site - 7 days post op

I've heard that having fillings done or teeth pulled can cause discomfort to neighboring teeth because of the nerves, so wait the two weeks until you see your dentist again. In my case I was too obsessive about the stitches and trying not to touch the sites with my tongue, then later over the tooth bits still stuck in the gums, so I have no idea if my other teeth were hurting after the wisdom ones were pulled XD However the pain I did have was only bad enough that I had to take two or three of the pills prescribed to me. Now I have a nearly full bottle sitting on a shelf and I have no idea what to do with it.

Distracting myself post-procedure was tough, since I can overly focus on the slightest problem if there isn't something to keep me really busy. I barely managed to cope by watching a comedy show on my computer (Big Bang Theory), staying in bed like a kid, and trying to joke about things like how I was on the best diet ever, all yogurt and juice. I had never ached so much for meat and was constantly hungry! Plus having to sleep while sitting up was no easy task and I rolled my eyes at that too, unable to decide if the procedure or the recovery was worse. Good luck on yours!
Re: Please help me relax- Throbbing sensation *near* removal site - 7 days post op

Thanks for the response :)

I'm like you in that if there's the slightest issue it's hard to distract myself.

I ended up messaging my dentist friend at 2am and then at 8am on Saturday calling my usual dentist clinic - friend replied shortly after saying it was probably nothing but she'd squeeze me in if needed.

Anyway, by that point was on way to usual dentist with my dear boyfriend driving me 30 mins each way when he didn't have the time for it, because I was that stressed.

For future interested readers: Turns out hadn't had fillings done on that side, likely (almost 100%) was referred socket pain but not dry socket as was healing fine. Dentist packed the nearby socket with Alvogyl and it immediately felt better. Had a little twinge return for a few hours the next day but nothing after that. So it wasn't anything to worry about, normal healing, but was given relief by dentist :)

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