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Please help me, something is really wrong.



Junior member
May 19, 2009
Yes, this has been going on for a while now, there is a very weird feeling in the bottom right of my jaw, even tho all of the teeth down there are fine, ive had the dentist take x-rays a few times and ive talked to my family doctor about it a few times, both of them could find nothing wrong.

I've been taking clindomycin, Penicillin, Tylenol 3, and zerazapam (valiums) and nothing seems to work.
Its been non stop for the past 2 weeks and I have no idea why, there is no infection

Yesterday it went away and i thought it was gone for good but i just woke up and its back, why is this happening to me? When my jaw feels like this I am unable to do anything, I cant even watch TV in peace. Is it anxiety thats causing this? because I really dont feel that anxious, but I cant find any other answers.....

Please help me
The first thing that comes to my mind would be wisdom teeth if you have not had them removed but that might not be the case if your dentist has taken x-rays.
Yes I forgot to add that I already had my wisdom teeth removed about 4 years ago with no problem

I only have 1 molar in the back right

the other molar broke off about a year ago and gave me this same weird feeling but i had the rest of it removed and the feeling went away

then I started having teeth pain in my left side, but i got those fixed at the dentist, but for some reason the weird feeling in my bottom right side came back

The 1 molar in the back right has already had a root canal done, it had a bit of decay but i got that fixed too just incase..

Yesterday i felt fine and thought it was going away, but for some reason it came back today and i dont know why....It feels like it will never leave, I have another dentist appointment tomorrow so im going to ask him about it (for the 3rd time lol) but i really just need any help i can get

Do you clentch or grind your teeth? Either while your concentrating or when your asleep? That can make your teeth ache and make them sensitive to chew on