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Please help! No hole after wisdom tooth extraction?!



Junior member
May 4, 2018
Hey guys,

Hoping some of you can help me here (even just slight reassurance!)... I got all four of my erupted wisdom teeth taken out on the 24th of April - 1 week post extraction my upper left and bottom left extraction sites started to swell quite a bit, the gum was enlarged, itchy and constantly throbbing.

Another week passed and the swelling came down a bit, I went to the dentist and he took the stitches out of my bottom left extraction (the only one I needed stitches for), and said they were all healing fine. HOWEVER, I’m super duper paranoid as out of the four extraction sites, I can only feel holes in three of them! My upper left wisdom tooth site is completely overed with this jelly feeling substance and there is no sign of a hole at all! Is this normal? Has one area suspiciously just healed quicker then every other site? I had no stitches in the extraction so it just seems super weird... side note it is not that painful just feels slightly swollen still.

Any word of advice or recommendation would be amazing! I might just be super paranoid...

Thank you!!!
Hi Dingstar, not sure if a reply still makes sense, you are probably completely healed and happy by now...
anyway if a dentist says you're fine then I would believe you are fine, especially if no pain is involved. Following logic I would also say that the efforts of the body are to close the holes as soon as possible so not having any holes doesn't sound too bad to me..

All the best wishes, hope you are well and if you like, let us know how you got on:)