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Please help! Scared and anxious



Oct 5, 2019
Please can someone reassure me I’m so worried. Had an explore and curette today of an extraction site that isn’t healing from 5 months ago. For the last couple of months the area has felt sore, some days more than others. There is also redness and granulation tissue but nothing has shown up in xrays or cone beam ct scan. The surgeon today has not seen anything that could be causing my pain but said sometimes if it’s microscopic it could have been rinsed away and I may feel improvement - but to be honest I felt he was just trying to give me hope as I was visibly upset.
He took some of the granulation tissue and is sending off for biopsy - so that has scared me as I’m worried what could be found. There’s no signs of infection.
I have been very unlucky and at present am having the tooth next to the extraction site root canalled - and there’s a bottom molar same side that needs extracting but hasn’t been done yet as they’re reluctant to do if it goes the same way as the present extractio. In the space of 6 months I’ve had these 3 teeth fail on me and I’ve always kept good care of my teeth and go regularly for check ups. Been 30 years with only odd fillings replacing so think it’s all come at once. Never used to worry about going to the dentist but understandably I’m now very anxious and it was so difficult to go in there today for the procedure.
Please please does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be happening. Im scared now I can feel the locl anaesthetic wearing off and I’ll be in pain again, as well as the aching I’m getting from the bottom one...
thank you
Don't get hung up over the biopsy word, it just means taking a look at it under a microscope, there's no suggestion that it's some kind of cancer issue, but it seems that as soon as people hear the word biopsy they immediately start writing out their last will and testament :)

I've seen it a couple of times when the dentist has casually mentioned doing a biopsy and the patient comes back in 2 weeks later for the result having given all their worldly goods to charity! Usually accompanied by a "trying to be brave" partner :)

Hopefully a good wash out of the area will have sorted things out for you.
Thank you for replying Gordon. I reealy hope it works too but do you have any ideas of what it could be if it doesn’t work?
have You come across anything like this before?
I'd need more information about you (that you probably don't want to share in public to a stranger!) to hazard any kind of guess as to what's going on, sorry.

Yes, I've seen sockets not healing well before, but it's pretty rare. Nearly every case had a reasonable explanation behind it and they do get better in time, so don't panic about it.
Thank you Gordon, it does seem a little better today so fingers crossed
That's good, hopefully you'll see a nice steady improvement now.
Thank you again Gordon -I’m daring to hope it’s worked... some bruised and aching today but expected that from the surgery - but can’t feel the original soreness I had and I really hope it’s gone for good ?
Hi loopylass, I'm glad to hear (or read) that you are feeling better! :)
Thank you Melisa - the soreness has returned unfortunately ?
Im wondering if I may have oral thrush - I have been on lots of antibiotics recently and also on a long term medication that lists Oral Candida as a side effect, I have a lowered immune system due to having inflammatory bowel disease - there are no white spots in my mouth just the red sore area.
Dr Gordon is this a possibility?
Thrush isn't usually painful, it's usually more of a burning/itching sensation, is this what it feels like?
Thanks Gordon - not itchy it feels sore, could be described as burning I suppose as they’re similar aren’t they. Am going to start using a toothpaste that’s sodium laurel sulphate free to see if that helps whatever is going on. It may be the stitches causing some discomfort I suppose. My mouth is very dry and feels like it’s stuffed with cotton wool - I just want to clean my teeth lots to feel fresh. I’m drinking lots of iced water as that helps.
I still have a tooth that needs root canal finishing off, and a bottom tooth that needs pulling.
Do you know how long it takes for results from biopsy to come back? Hoping there’s an answer to the soreness in them
Some folks are very sensitive to SLS so worth trying without it. It's just a foaming agent, doesn't do anything very useful anyway.
Self dissolving stitches can be a bit sore, they're designed to cause some irritation so that the white cells will eat them away...

Biopsy results used to be 2 weeks when I was a lad but it depends on the lab.
Thank you Gordon yes I’ll try anything.. have just had an acupuncture treatment as it’s been recommended to me. Fascinating and relaxing - am open minded so will see if it helps
"Self dissolving stitches can be a bit sore, they're designed to cause some irritation so that the white cells will eat them away."

Gordon, can these feel pokey or sharp? my stich area is feeling a bit pokey.. the stiches almost feel as though they are hard in texture , they are self dissolving.
Yes they can feel a bit sharp as they break down, they get quite hard and brittle.

I know I'm a dinosaur but I really really don't like them. I prefer stitches where I know when they'll come out, self dissolving ones either come out too soon or not for ages :)

Loopylass, I went on an acupuncture course a long time ago, I was quite enjoying it, the lecturer was quite interesting and had a lovely Scandinavian accent, then he pipes up "OK, now we'll pass out boxes of needles, you can have a practice on each other and then we stop for a coffee"
I'm like "Woah, I didn't sign up to have needles stuck in me thank you very much"

What made it worse was I had sat next to a lovely young lady dentist I knew, then we discovered she had epilepsy so she wasn't allowed to have acupuncture done on her.
Therefore I got to let her stab me multiple times and then had to stab myself in the same places so I could have a shot at it :) Felt like Pinhead out the Hellraiser films by the end of the day.

The course was pretty helpful for managing gagging patients, not much help with phobic ones though.
Gordon would you leave the needles in while doing dental work on the patient? My therapist was lovely and explained they would be a bit ‘ouchey’ going in - my toes were especially sensitive- but very soon you forget they’re there. It is fascinating isn’t it
Thank you @Gordon , I get a little nervous with the absorbable stitches too. good to know this is normal..
Yes, usually you leave the needles in. It is interesting, nobody can really explain why it works, there was an interesting study a few years back where they actually used retractable needles, like they do in movies, and people still claimed it was effective :)
Gordon - I went on a course with the same guy, there was a pic of me around with a needle in pretty much all of the head points, very much hellraiserish!

I’ve used it a bit for gagging and TMJ issues but not for anxiety on a patient. Have used it on my long suffering other half when she’s been stressed and she does say it’s amazingly relaxing!
Hah, it's a small world dentistry isn't it?

Since most of my patients with anxiety were mainly worried about needles, I wasn't sure how sticking lots more needles in was going to help matters! Forgot about the TMJ stuff, it was good for easing those symptoms.
My wife gets to live with me, so she never gets that stressed :)