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Please help! Severe anxiety after deep filling!



Junior member
Sep 22, 2010
I plucked up the courage and went to my dentist who said I needed 2 fillings, which was fine, but one was an upper molar that has given me hassle ever since, I have been back twice to have the filling filed down, im not in pain as such, just have a bruised weird feeling in my tooth, if i rub it with my lip feels odd, almost like there is food stuck in between in (there isnt) I am panicking Ill need a root canal or something - but im not in any pain, just have this weird pressure feeling (cant describe it!?) and as I suffer with severe anxiety and this is ruining my life worrying about it :( I am back at the dentist getting fitted for a mouth guard for night times as I grind my teeth but has anyone else had this feeling and its been nothing serious?
You may want to ask your question in the "dentistry questions" section as one of our dentists on the forum may have a better idea of what's going on but I have had this sensation before with very deep fillings. How long has it been? Usually the feeling goes away in about 2 weeks and things feel normal again. Sometimes it is because the bite is too high but even when it's not too high my tooth sometimes feels that way just from a change in the tooth's anatomy I guess. I'm not a dentist but if you have had it checked out twice and it's not painful or really sensitive to hot/cold/sweet I would give it some more time to settle down. Best of luck! :clover:
I concur with Kitkat... plus if you are grinding your teeth at night that might be contributing to it.