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Please help - severe anxiety after deep filling!



Junior member
Sep 22, 2010
I plucked up the courage and went to my dentist who said I needed 2 fillings, which was fine, but one was an upper molar that has given me hassle ever since, I have been back twice to have the filling filed down, im not in pain as such, just have a bruised weird feeling in my tooth, if i rub it with my lip feels odd, almost like there is food stuck in between in (there isnt) I am panicking Ill need a root canal or something - but im not in any pain, just have this weird pressure feeling (cant describe it!?) and as I suffer with severe anxiety and this is ruining my life worrying about it :( I am back at the dentist getting fitted for a mouth guard for night times as I grind my teeth but has anyone else had this feeling and its been nothing serious?
I hate it when I get new filings, they feel strange to me for up to three to four weeks, sometimes they just need to settle in and your mouth just needs to get used to them. A change in the mouth can feel horrible at first but you might find one day that they feel better.

It could be that a bit of filing may need to be filed down a bit inbetween your teeth, have you tried flossing, and if so can you get the floss inbetween your teeth. If not or if it continues to bother you go back and see the dentist. Or see another one if you get no joy there. What did the dentist say when you went back?